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About Cord Blood Bank of Canada

For when you need us the most™

Banking and storing your baby’s umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord derived stem cells with Biological Insurance™ is like banking your baby’s biological repair kit. Our clients depend on us to store their baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord derived stem cells for a lifetime. At the Cord Blood Bank of Canada, we’ve done everything possible to honor that trust. 
  The Cord Blood Bank of Canada first opened its doors in 2002.  Since then thousands of pregnant parents have put their trust into our services.  Designed to meet the umbilical cord blood banking and umbilical tissue banking needs of Canadians throughout Canada, our corporate head office is centrally located in Markham, Ontario and our dedicated state-of the-art laboratory is located in Toronto, Ontario, servicing your cord blood banking needs throughout Canada.  We continuously monitor new developments and technologies in order to bring you the best information to keep your baby’s Biological Insurance stem cells ensuring maximum sample security and flexibility. Our facilities are electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year to keep your baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord safe and secure.


  Cord Blood Bank of Canada cares about your family’s Biological Insurance™.  Should you decide to trust us with your family’s Biological Insurance™, we will take unrelenting care to process and store your baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord tissue just as though it was our own baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. You are not just another customer at CBBC, you are OUR customer.
There are many choices and options available to you and your family.  We know how important Biological Insurance™ is for you and your family.   Let us know how we can help arrange for Biological Insurance™ for your baby with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, unparalleled customer service and flexible payment plans.  Cord Blood Bank of Canada’s friendly customer care representatives are available to help you at:  Not accepting enrolments at this time.
(905) 943-4933 or
toll-free at 1-866-366-7057

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