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Cord Blood delivery to laboratory

The CBBC is committed to ensuring the best care for your baby’s cord blood  and cord tissue. Once your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue and your maternal blood sample have been collected, your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue is ready for shipment to our laboratory. Depending on the day of the week and time that you deliver the courier charge may vary. These fees are the responsibility of the client. Please ask your care manager for the applicable courier charge.


  • Subsequent baby:  if enrolling a subsequent baby there is a $100 + tax discount on the total fee payable (not applicable to the collection kit fee being billed here.
  • Refer a Friend:  Refer a friend and both of you receive $50 or $125 off your fees as applicable.  Contact us for more details.
  • Gift certificates: redeem your gift certificates, contact us for more details
  • Other: contact us for more details.

Collection, Processing & Testing of Cord Blood: This fee includes all of your umbilical cord blood processing and testing fees: the extensive and meticulous lab work conducted on your baby’s cord blood in order to prepare it for storage. We perform a red cell depletion before the cells are banked, once your baby’s cord blood meets all of our quality tests: (cell count, viability, microbiological/sterility testing) your baby’s cord blood is stored in at least 2 vials for maximum future flexibility. ABO, Rh Factor testing is also performed on a cord blood sample once all quality tests have been passed.

Cell Count Determination: Medical evidence suggests that nucleated cell count is correlated with increased transplant survival. Even if your baby’s cord blood sample exceeds the minimum 25ml volume, it could be found to contain inadequate numbers of nucleated and/or viable cells for transplantation. In the unlikely event your baby’s cord blood is determined to have a low cell count, your baby’s cord blood will be ineligible for storage.  No additional fees except for any shipping charges will be billed. Viability Testing: Medical evidence suggests that cells that are not viable are not suitable for transplantation. Cord Blood samples comprised of cells that are not viable are not eligible for storage.


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