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Twin Pregnancy


      Biological Insurance™ twin fee schedule Fee*,**
Payment details
Payable at enrollment Payable when your babies’ Biological Insurance™ samples reach our laboratory Choose from payment plans of $100, or $300/month*
Enrollment -Collection kit fee*** (non-refundable) 1225
Enrollment (processing and testing) 3150
Annual storage fee (payable yearly) 300
Total first year*** 4675
Biological Insurance™ Optional Services
Umbilical cord tissue storage 3000
Umbilical cord tissue annual storage fee (payable yearly) 250
Biological Insurance™ Optional Services – Prepay 18 years of Storage
Umbilical cord blood 3000
Umbilical cord tissue 2500
*all fees are in CDN $ and subject to applicable tax (HST)
**all fees are subject to change at any time without notice
*** Fees do not include the cost of shipping (collection kit to client and return to laboratory), and hospital fees if applicable
At the Cord Blood Bank of Canada, we know how important it is to bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.  We have a number of discounts that can help you acheive your goal of banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood an umbilical cord tissue.

  • Subsequent baby:  if enrolling a subsequent baby there is a $100 + tax discount on the total fee payable (not applicable to the enrollment collection kit fee).
  • Refer a Friend:  Refer a friend and both of you receive $50 or $125 off your fees as applicable.  Contact us for more details
  • Other: contact us for more details.


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