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Stem Cell Expansion

Stem cell expansion technology is an intense area of ongoing research. Stem cell expansion refers to the expansion / amplification or generation of stem cells from a store presently available. Currently many promising technologies exist. The Cord Blood Bank of Canada is positioned to take advantage of such technologies. It is anticipated that this cell expansion (or amplification) applied to a small number of stem cells, will someday allow the use of banked samples for multiple treatments.

Regardless of which academic or research institution becomes the first to receive FDA approval for stem cell amplification, the technology will be made available through physicians to any person who could benefit from it, provided they have a viable stem cell sample available.

CBBC clients, in particular, are in a position to benefit from the advancements of stem cell expansion, as every CBBC sample is stored in multiple double-sheathed cryovials. Banking samples in multiple cryovials allows for the release of part of the sample to be thawed, expanded, and used in treatment, while the remainder of the sample remains in cryogenic storage for future use.

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