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Umbilical Cord Tissue

Umblical Cord tissue – The latest in cord blood banking technology
Throughout pregnancy the continued growth and development of your baby is fueled by stem cells created in the umbilical cord and placenta.  Stem cells that are the building blocks of your developing baby’s brain and nervous tissues, bone, muscle, fat and cartilage tissue, and other structural and connective tissues are found primarily in the umbilical cord.  Recent medical advances in cord blood banking technology have identified the stem cells found in the umbilical cord as mesenchymal stem cells.
What makes mesenchymal stem cells so valuable?

Mesenchymal stem cells are different from the primary type of stem cell found in umbilical cord blood called hematopoetic stem cells.  Mesenchymal stem cells are very desirable stem cells because they are known to be more primitive than hemaptopoetic stem cells and they are also known to be able to differentiate into different tissues and organs than hempatopoetic stem cells.  Mesenchymals stem cells are the building blocks of your baby’s brain and nervous tissues, bone, muscle, fat, cartilage and other connective tissues where as hematopoetic stem cells are the building blocks of your  baby’s other tissues, organs, brain, blood, nervous, immune and metabolic system.
Why is it a good idea to store my baby’s umbilical cord tissue?

Unlike hematopoetic stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood, mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue have only been used in clinical trials to date.  Medically speaking, we are with umblical cord tissue technology where we were with umbilical cord blood technology about 15 years ago.  15 years ago it was theoretically obvious that cord blood banking was a good idea, but we did not have the evidence to prove it.   Today we have the evidence to prove that cord blood banking is a good idea but we can only say that it is theoretically obvious that umbilical cord tissue banking is a good idea.  Umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells are currently being evaluated in clinical trials as therapy for stroke and spinal cord damage, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, serious wounds, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and cartilage injuries.  Click here to learn more about the current trials underway.
What happens if I don’t store my baby’s umbilical cord tissue?

If you don’t store your baby’s umbilical cord tissue a very large store of your baby’s mesenchymal stem cells will remain trapped in your baby’s umbilical cord once your baby’s umbilical cord is cut and it will be discarded as medical waste.

When do I have to decide whether or not I would like to store my baby’s umbilical cord tissue?

Your personlized Biological Insurance™ collection kit contains everything that you need in order to collect your baby’s umblical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.  Cord Blood Bank of Canada encourages everyone to collect their baby’s umbilical cord tissue.  If you decide that you would like your baby’s umbilical cord tissue processed and stored, please enclose it with your baby’s umbilical cord blood and maternal blood sample when shipping your baby’s Biological Insurance™ back to our laboratory for processing.

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